New Signage at TIS

One of my first considerations at TIS was updating the signage in the Secondary and Primary Libraries. Updating and revitalizing the signage was necessary, but where do you start? How much signage do we really need? What theme or ideas could promote a visually fresh and appealing signage that would support a creative, inviting student space? My first thought was google and search the  net for ideas, and it was surprising how little there was in the way of ideas and considerations for librarians. My Library colleagues and I knew we wanted something unique to TIS; and that would appeal to our dynamic students. We came up with Ibooks theme and re-organized our library into reading genres: general fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery and chinese fiction. Then we created ibook signage that displayed covers of books that students could easy identify with that theme. With non-fiction we decided to keep the signage theme going with covers of books that represent the classifications in the shelf’s range. Needless to say we have created something visually appealing and unique for students and parents who use TIS libraries.

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