How have TIS Libraries Evolved to Enhance Learning?

photo credit: The Dance of Joy by Garry Schlatter

TIS libraries are constantly evolving learning communities that enhance student achievement and success. Key to our TIS Library program is supporting students develop essential 21st century skills. This year, the TIS libraries have focused on collaborating with teachers with inquiry and instructional design process, promoting informational literacy, re-configuring the library space to best promote inquiry based learning and collaboration, and continuing to grow and provide access various learning resources and modalities for learning.

The core of the TIS library program is the partnership of the librarian with teachers to design meaningful, rich, learning experiences for TIS students. Inquiry based collaborations with classroom teachers promote a learning process that allows students to develop higher order thinking skills. TIS libraries are learning communities that nurture, support and celebrate student learning through inquiry based practice.

The TIS library program continues to provide the Accelerated Reader Program that helps students target books at a reading level that best supports their literacy development. Teachers set personalized AR learning goals, and student achievement is shared and celebrated with our Star Capsule display.

This year, TIS libraries focused on re-configured our learning space to better meet student’s changing needs and varied learning styles. Movable bookshelves, that increase flexibility to our space, smaller learning areas with couches and comfortable seating provides various opportunities for inquiry and collaboration. TIS secondary has mounted a television and media equipment to share students’ knowledge construction and creativity – a tenant of the inquiry process.

TIS libraries continued to purchase additions to our collection and added over 1300 book titles and over 30 periodical subscriptions. Also, TIS library program piloted an IPAD program. Students can access interactive e-books, learning APPS, and other creative web tools. In addition, students can now connect to TIS Destiny on their family/personal devices to access over 300 e-books, search approved websites, and access library resource lists. TIS Libraries – love of learning!

Julie Milligan – Inquiry and Curriculum Coordinator

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