The Future is Ours!

“I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others… I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent” – Thomas Edison

As another school year ends, administrators, teachers and students alike reflect on the year and begin to push forward ideas and changes for the upcoming year. For many teachers, ideas of infusing technology with pedagogy, inquiry,  higher cognitive task design, and student engagement are at the forefront of the future planning. Indeed, the call for education to move from a ‘push out’ to a ‘pull from’ learning paradigm speaks to student innovation and voice. This educational shift also speaks to the potential for innovation and voice to create and solve global challenges, in a networked future. As Peter Diamandis (X Prize Foundation) explains,

I’m not saying we don’t have our set of problems — climate crisis, species extinction, water and energy shortage — we surely do. [But] ultimately we knock them down.”

How do we infuse hope and optimism as a lens for student creativity and innovation while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow? How do we cultivate an excitement for innovation? Following is an excellent video on the possibilities of the future, created by Michael Marantz; A tribute to the individuals and companies that keeping pushing us forward with innovation and a view to being a service to mankind.

The Future is Ours from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.

Peter Diamandis infuses hope and optimism in a pessimistic worldview of the future. He speaks of the extraordinary time we live in and creating a life of possibility of making what is scarce abundant. What a powerful gift to give our students: hope and optimism for the future, and the tools to tackle these challenges!

Not sure what some of the possibilities and challenges predicted to be faced by our students in the future? The Smithsonian Anniversary edition outlines the “40 Things You Need to Know in the Future”.

As we look ahead to new challenges and new innovation in our teaching practice next year – let’s keep in mind how to prepare our students to face a world of challenges and innovation with the message of hope and optimism!

Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish! And above all, Stay Hopeful!

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