Why Do I Lead? #SAVMP

photo credit: Michael Dawes via photopin cc

photo credit: Michael Dawes via photopin cc

Have you ever walked into an amazing space? That place where purpose, efficiency, warmth, and innovation somehow flows together to create something entirely greater than each element separately? A place where you could lose yourself for a few hours and immerse yourself with engagement; while having your senses be awakened with  possibilities? Be it a restaurant, an art gallery, or a school – these spaces have one thing in common:


If you were on a ship; what role would most align with a principal?
The Captain?
The Pilot (Navigator)?
The Chief Officer?

Jim Knight  (Unmistakable Impact, 2010) poses this question.  His thinking is that the principalship would align most with the ship’s designer.

shipHe makes the argument that the importance of the ship designer role  is often overlooked with this question.  The designing of the ship is the most pivotal role. Design ensures that the boat’s structure and operations (organization) is functional and effective – or the ship is not going to go very far! Design is  integral to the function and effectiveness of the crew. Possibilities where the boat could go are endless – but with great intentional design increases the probability of a successful journey.

In public education, principals are the ultimate designers of a learning organization. They are charged to ensure that the organization runs as effectively as possible, that teachers have the structure, resources and supports to design the best learning opportunities for students.  With differing stakeholders, limited resources, and unprecedented rate of change; this challenge has never been greater. Yet, with all these pressures, strong school leaders intentionally design the organization to best support learning journeys for the students.  And that journey will look different depending on the student.

photo credit: Michael Dawes via photopin cc

photo credit: Michael Dawes via photopin cc

I love working with kids. There is nothing more hopeful, inspirational, and important than working with and connecting meaningfully with youth and our communities.

The possibilities now, and in the future for  today’s youth have never been so dynamic, challenging and hopeful. If I can play a small part in that by ensuring the best possible environment for their journey, I have played a small role in making the future brighter. This is why I lead.

Looking forward to developing my leadership journey with the #SAVMP!

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