About Me

I have truly loved discovering a new place (Macao) slowly week, by week. Walking and finding something new around every corner. Slowly peeling back my surroundings and assumptions like layers of an onion; bit by bit. Having space and opportunity to question, reflect, laugh and cry; and in the process learning more about myself then I ever thought possible.

IMG_2142Five statements about me.

1. I am happiest living a life that replaces complacency with positive action and intention.

2. I continue to receive many gifts and opportunities to move forward IMG_2107with renewed gratitude and self understanding.

3. My partner and best friend, Scott, is also a teacher. We have been blessed with 3 fabulous boys: Aidan, and my twins Ciaran and Ronan.

IMG_2129 4. I am passionate about design and intention in education and in life.

5. I dream of designing as many experiences in my personal life, and my professional life, that continue to fuel my passion for the possibilities.

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