DSC_0064LEARNING IS DRIVEN BY PASSION and INQUIRY: Students are the center of the learning process. When students develop questions of inquiry and import, they are more engaged, have more agency and produce better quality work. Students learn best when they are given  supportive freedom to innovate and create, and to discover and develop their passions.

LEARNING IS CONNECTED: Everything is connected. Active Learning and inquiry explores these connections.  Students need opportunities to transfer and apply their learning to different situations in order to be adaptive and successful in a complex and changing world.  Deeper learning requires task design that provides connections to familiar, local, and global communities. These connections strengthen student engagement and agency. Cross curricular problem based learning provides another instructional design that supports multi-connectiveness of deeper learning.  Technology allows us unprecedented access to people and places, experts and organizations, and unfettered ability to share and connect around the globe.

IMG_2226LEARNING IS ACTIVE and RELATIONSHIP BASED: Learning requires spaces of innovation, where student agency and risk taking is encouraged. Formative assessment allows students to ‘fail forward’ by providing opportunities to adjust and practice their skills in a supportive social climate. Failure becomes seamless in the learning process. Organic and authentic use of technology in task design provides powerful embedded assessment to shape the learning.

LEARNING IS MOBILE and SEAMLESS:  Students require continuous access to the learning community and content. There are many different class management platforms and technologies that can facilitate seamless access to on-line informational resources, experts and opportunities for peer collaboration. A learning community at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

I have been blessed to visit amazing schools and learning spaces around the world. It has been remarkable to connect with and collaborate with amazing international teachers!  Highlighted below is my learning journey around the globe:

  • Naviance Network Professional Development (Fall, 2015)

  • CollegeBoard University Counsellor Summer Institute, Washington, D.C (June 15, 2015)

  • Global Counselor Connect: JIS School, Singapore (February, 2015)

  • CAS: Category 3: Hong Kong, (April, 2015) and CAS Category 1, Jakarta,(October, 2014)

  • 21st Century Learning Conference: Renaissance College, Hong Kong.  (January 2013)

  • UWSEA Dover School Tour, Singapore (January, 2013)
  • ACAMIS: TIS Senior Girls Volleyball Coach: Shenzhen, China. (November, 2012)
  •  TIS Coordinator, Inquiry and Questions with Jamie McKenzie: Christian Alliance International School, Hong Kong (November, 2012)
  • Follett International: School Representative; Seoul American School, South Korea. (October 2012)
  • 21st Century Learning Conference: Hong Kong International School, SAR China. (February, 2012)
  • ACAMIS: TIS Senior Girls Volleyball Coach: British School of Beijing, China. (November 2011)
  • Follett International: School Representative, Shanghai American School, China. (October 2011)
  • Leadership Essentials Conference: Alberta Teachers Association, Edmonton, Canada (Nov 2009)
  • South Korea / China School Tour Delegate; Calgary Board of Education (March 2008)

featured image photo credit: spettacolopuro via photopin cc

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